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Course of experimental agriculture

Young, Arthur (1741-1820)

London : printed for J.Dodsley, in Pall-mall, 1770 . - 2 volumi ; 4°

  • Titolo:
    Course of experimental agriculture
  • Autore: Young, Arthur (1741-1820)
  • Descrizione: A course of experimental agriculture: containing an exact register of all the business transacted during five years on near three hundred acres of various soils; including a variety of experiments on the cultivation of all sorts of grain and pulse, both in the old and new methods; the raising large crops of turneps, cabbages, carrots, potatoes, &c. and several plants not usually cultivated, as food for cattle; and the application of them to feeding or fattening of oxen, cows, horses, hogs, sheep, &c. Also the management of the artificial grasses ... With other subjects of importance to the country gentleman and farmer. The whole stated in near two thousand original experiments. In two volumes. - London : printed for J.Dodsley, in Pall-mall, 1770. - 2 volumi ; 4°. ((Il nome dell'autore, Arthur Young, compare a c. [a]4r del volume 1.
  • Contiene: Course of experimental agriculture. 1 [MNG70010977];
    Course of experimental agriculture. 2 [MNG70011393]
  • Luogo: London
  • Editore: Dodsley, James
  • Data: 1770
  • Collezione: Storia delle Scienze naturali, fisiche, chimiche

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